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Pitching and fundraising support with HK investors
TGN Workhub Kwun Tong
28 六月, 2017 下午19:00 HKT
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RSVP Ticket HKD 150.0

The content: 

•Get the PERFECT business fit and conduct necessary strategic moves that get investors support 

• Pitching and fundraising support with HK investors 

• Enhance your business performance, repackage, pitch and motivate the investor

Additionally you will get 

• An Highly interactive session for enhanced cognitive understanding on HK & Asian investors

• Practically high relevance to work scenarios; audience are suggested to bring their real cases

• Immediate and Real-time analytical sections to provide solutions for audience 

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The speaker: 

Desmond Marshall, is a professional advisor and investor to many companies, founder of Pitch Perfect Event, using his unique skill to analyze and make quick fixes to your operations, whether on checking if your new direction works, shedding new workable ideas or even finding new customers for you, etc.

TGN Workhub Kwun Tong
118 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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